Bailey Boo

Resident pooch

Undoubtedly the most handsome (despite what Ami says), albeit the laziest of the Be-IT team, Bailey is middle-aged, spoiled (especially by Gareth) and, unfortunately, prone to snoring and yelping in the office.

To be fair, that’s what Labradors do, and Bailey sees his role at Be-IT to be one of a conciliator, friend, guide and, at times a sage, providing sweetness and light in the occasionally excitable world of recruitment consultancy.

He shares the same foibles as some of his colleagues – a predilection for toys and an enthusiasm for walking in the country – although his co-workers don’t (we trust) relieve themselves in public.

His favourite toy is Mr Squeak, a sort-of mini space-hopper which he’s had since he was a puppy, but he’s also keen on plastic bottles, which can prove a problem if anyone leaves them lying on their desk.  We love him to bits.

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