With a complete range of showcase support features, be-branded helps businesses boost their employer brand to engage, attract and hire the best candidates.


Connect with your candidates

There’s more to any opportunity than a job title and salary. People join a business because of who they are, what they stand for and how they work. With be-branded, we’re offering the chance to tell the story of your organisation’s values and personality. Offering a complete and comprehensive range of showcase support features, be-branded can help you raise your profile, engage with your target market and present your business in its best light. So even in a busy and competitive jobs market, you can stand out and attract your ideal candidates.




This package of services includes:

Company microsite
With a dedicated page on Be-IT Resourcing’s website, you’ll have your own space to tell the story of your business – what makes you unique, what your team says about working with you and the kind of careers you offer. With a presence on our site, you can take advantage of our web and online traffic, providing a focal point for candidates to discover more about your business and your current opportunities.


Branded advertising

We will harness your brand to create engaging advertising campaigns across our online and social channels. Instead of merely informing the market of a new role, we’ll work to promote your business, highlight your brand and raise your profile.


Be-IT social network

From regular guest blogs to an ever-expanding twitter following, we maintain an active presence on social media, helping us engage with candidates and industry partners. As part of that network, your business can play a prominent role, not only taking advantage of that traffic to promote opportunities, but lending your own insights, views and stories on our platforms to raise your profile.


Recruitment videos

There are few more engaging media than the moving image, and today’s digital and social platforms offer easy and cost-effective ways of sharing and showcasing video. Working with your leadership team, colleagues and employees both new and veteran, we can create a short video that shows what it’s really like to be a part of your team – sending a powerful and effective message to your market.



No matter what new technology and techniques come to the marketplace, there’s no substitute for a face-to-face meeting with potential candidates. By hosting and organising recruitment and branding events – often in partnership with industry bodies – we can help you meet and interact with your target market, making connections outside the formal recruitment process.


Candidate Attraction Packs

We will create a support pack that not only reflects your branding, but also allows you to promote your business in detail. With all the information the candidate needs – well presented, designed and organised – your pack will ensure the candidates are well prepared for interview and excited by the prospect of being a part of your team.


Interview training

Every step in a candidate’s journey is an opportunity to strengthen your brand, and the interview is no different. With expert advice and guidance, we will ensure your hiring managers conduct an interview process that is a consistent and time-effective assessment of your applicants, as well as being a key component in a positive candidate experience.


Technical candidate screening

Taking advantage of the latest screening techniques, we can give you a head start in the assessment phase of your recruitment process. With online technical testing and recorded screening interviews, we will reduce your time-to-hire, increase the CV-to-hire ratio – making it easier and faster to recruit the right person for the job.


And more…

At Be-IT Resourcing we always look to find that extra value that makes a difference for our clients. The be-branded service is no different. We’ll bring all of our expertise to bear on your employer brand, from forging industry links with organisations like CodeClan and Scotland IS, to keeping you up to date with the latest marketplace developments including as IR35, APSCo, Scotland IS and the latest salary surveys.

To talk about how you can maximise your brand and make a stronger connection with your candidates, get in touch with Nikola Kelly – call  0141 314 3978 or email

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