Jeremy Corbyn isn’t the only tie-less man seeking your vote today…

24 August 2015


Like Mr Corbyn (other candidates are available), you can’t say we’re not honest.  Like Mr Corbyn, we want to win the contest in which we’ve entered.  Like Mr Corbyn, our leader (Mr Biggerstaff) doesn’t wear a tie.  But unlike Mr Corbyn, we have no political allegiances (well, none we’re prepared to admit to publicly), and we are unashamedly up for the glory that comes with winning, specifically the wee rec-con web site (this is the unofficial title) category at the NORA’s this year.

We’ve added a ‘Nominate Us’ banner at the top of our homepage which allows people to click and nominate Be-IT Resourcing for the Best Small Recruitment Agency Website (this is the official title) category at this year’s NORA’s.  We think our website is very good - lots of jobs, easy to get around, entertaining blog, lots of social media promotion, improving SEO, etc. - so please click here and fill in the form.


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