Be-IT is proud to be the recruitment partner of Scot-Tech’s Digital Transformation conference

23 January 2016


The venue is Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.  The date is the 25th of February, 2016.  And the event is Scot-Tech’s Digital Transformation Conference.

ScotTech Digital Transformation image

It will, we assure you, do exactly what it says on the digital tin.  The world is going digital – no, sorry, has gone digital - and in many areas is struggling to cope with the opportunities (and threats) created by the seemingly remorseless march of technology.  The challenge for business and government alike is to adapt, adopt, invent and innovate.  The opportunities for Scotland’s businesses are immense, but not to be taken for granted. That’s what makes this a very timely, and useful event.
Scot-Tech has assembled some of Scotland’s most knowledgeable and experienced people who will bring their own, unique insights to a range of topical subjects that demonstrate the depth and breadth of the country’s digital expertise.  It’s a chance to engage, learn and network from people at some major companies; amongst others, Stephen Ingledew and Mark Dixon from Standard Life, Mark Stephen from BBC Scotland, Sean Cornwell from Travelex and Sarah Warman from Brewdog. 

The digital world creates opportunity in abundance, but that opportunity can only start to be fulfilled when the private and public sectors have the talented people necessary to develop the ideas and technologies that will underpin our economy and our daily lives in the future.  These talented people are vital.  It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that recruitment companies will play a central role in the success, or otherwise, of Scotland as a digital country with a worldwide demand for its creativity, products and services.  That’s why Be-IT is delighted to be the Recruitment Partner and a major sponsor of this important Scot-Tech event.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Alma Kettles, Associate Director, Be-IT Resourcing


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