Which is the only number to have the same number of letters as its numerical value?

22 April 2017


Spoiler alert – rather than keep you in suspense, we’re going to tell you the answer at the outset.  The answer is (pause for a very small drum-roll)… FOUR.

Why, I hear you ask, does this matter?  Well, consider the following…

fourth birthday cake

A.A. Milne, in “Now we are Six” (available at good bookshops everywhere for those with small children), wrote that “When I was One I had just begun, When I was Two I was nearly new, When I was Three I was hardly me, When I was Four I was not much more.”  We think this is a bit unfair as we’re going to be four soon. Not our mental age, despite what anyone says about a few of us at Be-IT, but four as in four years old.  And despite what A.A. Milne wrote, we are quite a bit more than when we were one…

In fact, since we started, on the 2nd of June 2013, we’ve grown rather a lot.  From our original 5 people in a small office in Edinburgh, we have increased to 20, in two offices, in Glasgow as well as Edinburgh. Our growth is directly related to the quality of the individuals we hire and that’s why it’s quadrupled over the last 4 years! We intend on continuing this trend throughout 2017, by raising our numbers to 25 across the central belt. 

Anyway, as you have probably gathered, we’re quite chuffed, and as a result we’re going to celebrate being four.  Or rather, we’re going to do some silly things for charity, which ought to be good fun and, we hope, will raise a lot of money for a very good cause.

To find our more about these silly things, you’ll have to read the next blog, but if you can’t wait and simply trust us, then you can donate and find out our chosen charity now at this JustGiving link.  The campaign will run from 24th of April (today) until the 16th of June. 

Michael Phair, Client Engagement Manager, Be-IT Resourcing



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