The Be-IT fourth anniversary bash - Ami's balloon goes pop!

16 June 2017


We had a good time this afternoon.  It's the fourth anniversary of the company and as a result Gareth let us all off work for (part of) the afternoon.  Some drink may have been taken and we also had the odd game of charades, played pin the tail on the donkey and, in between some more odd drinks, shaved balloons (don't ask).  This hilarity was videoed for posterity and you can see the first of the few that are suitable for public broadcast here, featuring the inimitable Ami Islam, Alastair Philp (who had just cycled from Glasgow to Edinburgh as part of our fund-raising for Kidney Kids Scotland), a balloon, some shaving foam and a very cheap razor blade.  It's not going to win an Oscar, but it's good fun nonetheless.

Ami's balloon goes pop!


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