It was a bug and not intentional says Facebook

10 April 2015


Following the start of the Austrian case against Facebook over privacy, this new story suggests that the giant of social media is facing more pressure on this issue, with Belgium's data protection authority accusing Facebook "of multiple violations of the EU e-Privacy Directive, of stalking people geographically via its smartphone apps, and of failing to both properly inform users of its data-collection activities".  Facebook "has admitted that its "Like" button planted cookies on users PCs that could track users and non-users alike across the internet", however, this was down to a bug and "not intentional".  


For its millions of users, these sort of stories don't matter a jot.  However, it's indicative of a number of concerns about social media security, many of which have sprung up in the aftermath of the Edward Snowden revelations.  We'll write a longer blog about this in the next few weeks.



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